As men we have historically claimed domain over the earth.While the human race has seen epochs in time during which Women bore supreme governance and divine recognition…  while societies ancient and contemporary bare record of various archetypes of masculinity and male sexuality rising to mainstream acceptance;  the world we see today is the place we’ve arrived at along the evolution of humanity, as it synthesizes itself in adaptation to the balance of forces which in a myriad of ways so define it.

Patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism.  These dominant systems of social hierarchy have come to be constructed as a means of design, to pose as the natural reality we live into.  They intersect to reinforce how we relate to the material world, to the spiritual world, and to one another as men, women, elders, and children.  Thus, patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism can till this day be identified as the root determinants  of how the world at large  plays into agreement with racism, sexism, homophobia, slavery and exploitation, for the security and prosperity of the capitalist ruling class, the white inheritors of colonial network/access/privilege, and men collectively.

The Brother Man understands that while the dynamics of traditional relationships men assume amongst one another (including with Queer identified men), with women, our elders, and with our children, varies specific to cultural tradition;  in today’s world there is no place and there are no peoples who live outside of the influence of the intricate and far reaching dominant global order.  We recognize that we as men are born into a certain privilege and entitlement granted by patriarchy.  >> Therefore The Brother Man rejects the fallacy that Women and Queer people have the opportunity to live free from the expectations of this context we’ve constructed to place ourselves (straight men) at the center of, WITHOUT our concerted effort to challenge and ultimately deconstruct patriarchy within ourselves and amongst one another.   >> Just as we reject the universal accord that we ourselves (as men) can be free to gain the true knowledge of our humanity for its nurturing, pursue the true potential of an bountiful/ sustainable quality of life, or generate and receive the spiritual intuition responsible for happiness/health/and wisdom;  if we do not move forward from the status system, with a vision for shared power across institutional and societal bounds.

Dr. Martin Luther King said no one is free until everyone is free. 

…To the struggle,

Tone Are.


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